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We are a full-service organization.

Preventive Medicine and Health Care


We provide: 

  • Annual complete physical examinations
  • Fecal exams
  • Heartworm testng
  • Vaccines
  • Discussions with the client regarding any problems concerning health, nutrition, behavior, etc.
  • Most medicines, both preventive and for treatment are available at our hospital

Diagnostic Medicine


We are capable of: 

  • Complete diagnostic work-ups on sick patients
  • In-house basic laboratory testing, sending complicated tests and pathology specimens to Idexx Laboratory
  • In-house x-rays, sent to a Board Certified Radiologist for confirmation and further diagnosis

Ultrasound, when necessary, is referred to a Board Certified Ultrasonographer

Complicated heart cases are referred to Board Certified Cardiologists

Cancer patients are referred to Board Certified Oncologists for evaluation when necessary



All patients receiving surgery have: 

  • Pre-anesthetic blood testing
  • Electronic monitoring
  • Individual nursing care

Pain injections are given and pain medicine is sent home with the patient along with the attending Doctor's home phone number

Due to the extreme overpopulation of cats, our hospital is now offering low cost spay-neuter surgery for cats. Please call 614-267-6200, for information and/or an appointment for surgery. We are hoping this will help allay the overpopulation problem in our area.



Performed with necessary sedation and pain injection

  • Teeth are coated with Oravet to prevent plaque and tartar formation
  • Patient is sent home with pain medicine if necessary
  • Patient is given preventive treatment to be used at home by client



  • Our Hospital offers boarding to our clients

Bathing and Nail Trims

  • Our Hospital offers bathing
  • Our Hospital offers nail trims to our clients' patients



Oakland Park Animal Hospital
1360 Oakland Park Avenue
One block east of Karl Rd. at Walmar Dr.

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